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Quarter Jag Dad Amazing debut album from a fine bunch of young men. Favorite track: Sun Razor.
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Recorded at the A-Frame in Schroon Lake, NY, and our place in Toronto.
Mixed and mastered in our basement.

Re-mixed feb 2017


released September 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Jaguar Toronto, Ontario

We're a 4 piece band based in Toronto, Ontario.

Joey Assaad
Greg Martin
Cameron Reed
Max Van Dusen

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Track Name: Pterodactyl
na na na nanana
Track Name: Downtown
Getting weaker and weaker everyday
You say I'm never showing up on time
Keep thinking of other ways to say
I would love to have held your hand in mine

And baby now we gotta go
All of the lights and the colours
Oh you know we gotta go
Pay no attention to others
Oh you know we gotta go
All of the fellas are ready
Oh its why it will be
Downtown for me

In the city you don't pretend to look
I'm a breathe in the smoke across the street
And the ladies will let you off the hook
But you never came here for the heat

And baby now I gotta go
Where all the honies are booming
Oh you know I gotta go
Lets get the Mayor for grooving
Oh you know I gotta go
No one will hold me so closely
Oh its why it will be
Downtown for me
Track Name: Sun Razor
Sun razor, don't hurt on me
Sun razor, I cannot see
Sun razor, don't take my eyes
'Cause I can't see your lies

Sun razor's got her disguise
Sun razor will carve the ice
Sun razor, you're fire and bone
You burn out a path to find my way home

I'll watch your moon eclipse
The heat is on your lips
I'll see your halo glow
And it's easier to watch you go
Track Name: Two Paths
It's been so long, since I felt not wrong but right
And I'm not a man until I can pay the price
And what can be cut with half of a sword
Can be heated with columns of ice
I'm here with you now, I don't have the words
I promise that I'll make it right

The odd-numbered dances, the objectless glances of mine
The contact of eyes, I'm feigning surprise each time
And how can a man who sees two paths ahead
Take neither and cut through the side
I'm trying my best, I'll work on the rest
I'll delay 'til I don't have the time
Track Name: Jangle Joe
Lovey day in hay with arctic ivory
Jangle Joe and herbal tea
Hitting me so happy

Castle in the champagne glasses filled with love
Brothers in another club
How'd we ever get here

Oh Millennia

Nebula are forming on the mountainside
Seven eyes and ears reside
Listening to beauty

If my universe is something I can ride
Surfing on a northern tide
She will be a cutie

Oh Millennia
Track Name: Crosshatched Line
Should have seen me, could have told me
If you want me, you gotta show me
Girl you lost it, the crosshatched line
When you crossed it, you can't have mine

Oh the crosshatched line

Couldn't see you, took the wrong view
But damn I want you, and girl it takes two
You can't get here, if you take your time
Cause I won't stay here, to take what's mine
Track Name: Lying Doves
You know you're always gonna be one of those part-time lovers
Who spends her days up in a tree tasting the lips of others

Don't go 'round
My love please come back down to me

I know I kissed you in the rain but that doesn't make this true love
You're just a thorn without the pain unblemished little white dove

I cannot live this lovely lie 'cause I've never loved to lie low
So please don't let me see you cry or turn your back away as you go
Track Name: A Boy Stares Out to Sea
Oh my beautiful, the lake it shall return
Back to its glassy face, back to the first
Oh my beautiful, the stone it ripples through
Shadows glow and fade away but still I don't see you

Oh, where'd you float to?

Oh my darling I, the waves they carry on
The moon she pulls you where she wants and to me you return
I think of you, my bottle blue, of what I left inside
If anybody broke you open, there's nothing I can hide
Track Name: I Feel Better
The sun beats down all around and the people of the town
Waltz by waving hi on their way to ride the tide
Oh please follow me if it's the beach you want to see
Take my hand understand life is easy

Something everyday (I feel better)
To keep the blues at bay (I feel better)
No need to wonder why (I feel better)
I ask you all the time don't you want to feel better

Take your time you'll be fine keep your pining dreams in mind
Don't hide alone inside away from greetings and goodbyes
Oh please don't believe just take a look and you will see
With future plans and few demands life can be a breeze
Track Name: Nikola
People everywhere
See me run
They run

Dance for me girl
And I'll dance along

Mama love me now
My eyes are so broke

What really I do
Give me to the world

Honey won't you cry
People usually do

Anna's gone away
God my ear will stay

Nevermind the gun
This is therapy

I know that you're gone
Boba stares at me

Nikola I'm shocked
In a sierra